Winter's Photo Restoration

Whether you need more copies to go around, are having trouble transferring film and slides, or need a full repair and restoration job on your images, we can help. We copy, restore, refocus, add/remove people and backgrounds, add colour effects, produce enlargements, create montages...

Our photo restoration service

All images are individually scanned and restored - no automated processes are used. Our artworkers assess and produce the best possible outcome for your images.
If you are not local to Derby, the section after the images gives full details on how we can still help you with your copy and restoration needs:

Winter's Photo Restoration

How our service works

If you'd like us to copy and restore one or more of your photographs, you send them to us, giving us an idea of what size final prints you will require. We examine your photos and assess how long it will take us to carry out the restoration work. We will write to you or send an email to give you a firm price for the restoration work. If the work takes longer than we estimate, our quoted price will still stand: we won't increase our fee.

You approve the restorations

We will copy and restore your pictures and let you have a proof of the work we have carried out, either by post or by email. If you're happy with the results, you let us know, and confirm the size of the final print or prints you require. We'll tell you the cost of the prints.
If you're not happy with the restoration results, we'll return your photos to you, or arrange for you to collect them. We'll charge you for any carriage costs involved and ask you to pay before we despatch your photos, but there will be no other fees.
When your restored prints are ready, we'll let you know and ask you to pay either before we send them, or when you collect them.

Packing your original photos

When you send your original photos to us, it's important that they're very well packed. The test of good packing is that the package should withstand being thrown across a room, or dropped, and not suffer significant damage. Good packing is particularly important if you're sending us glass negatives, for example. If you wish, you can come to some arrangement with the carrier you use to insure the package, though no amount of money would replace your pictures, of course.

Acceptance of risk

When we send your original pictures back to you, with the restored versions, we will pack them carefully, use a reputable carrier and insure the contents of the package for the value of the work we have carried out and any prints supplied. However, we cannot insure for loss of or damage to your original photographs nor will we accept any responsibility for loss or damage. If you don't want to run any risk of loss or damage to your originals while they're in transit, you must make arrangements to deliver them personally to us and collect them personally from us.

We will take care of your pictures

You might wonder how safe your originals will be while in our hands. You can be assured that we take very good care of clients' originals and we look after them as well as we can. However, there's no way we can insure for damage to your pictures or their total loss, so they will be completely at your risk for all the time that we have them. To reassure you, we can say that there's only been one instance of accidental damage happening to a client's photo within the memories of our staff, and that incident happened over thirty years ago. We will always treat your photos as if they were ours, and look after them accordingly.

Sending scans to Winter's instead of your originals

If you have a document scanner and you can't bring your originals to us or you feel you cannot trust the post or a courier service to get them to us, you could use your own scanner to produce a file to send to us across the internet, either by email or a suitable file-transfer service. If you'd like us to use your scans, please consult our experts by email or phone beforehand so that we can advise you how you can produce scans which will enable us to achieve the best possible restoration.
On the whole, we much prefer to work from originals rather than clients' own scans: the results will generally be better because we are in control of the whole process. However, we do recognise that some customers will prefer not to send their precious originals, and that is why we're quite open to working with any customer wishing to send us a file from their own scanner.

You can print off the full instructions above as a PDF file here:

Winters Photo Restoration

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